•  I will be joining Oregon Medical Group June 1st.                           330 S. Garden Way, Suite 270, Eugene, OR  97401


  • Please call after June 1st to set up your next appointment. The new number is (541) 242-4211.  If you need to be seen during the week of my orientation to the new practice when I am not seeing patients, you may be seen by any of my partners on "Team Green."


  • Medical records from 6/2017-5/2019 remain property of PrimeCare Partners (now called Nova Health) so PLEASE PLAN AHEAD FOR APPOINTMENTS AND REFILLS. You will need to be seen at the OMG Garden Way office and have an electronic chart created at your first visit.  No medication refills will be able to be done by phone after 5/30/19, until you see your new provider or see me at the new office if you are continuing care with me as your Primary Care Physician.


OLD RECORDS from before 6/1/17: 

if you need a copy of your medical records for personal reasons, please send a signed request to:

          Eugene Ideal Internal Medicine, LLC

          PO Box 40476, Eugene, OR  97404