Welcome to an Ideal Medical Practice!  This is a solo-physician, low overhead model of practice designed to provide exceptional care with personalized service, longer appointment times, and no waiting in the office. My practice focuses on helping patients meet their health goals. 


An Ideal Medical Practice is different than many other practices; it requires a team approach between physician and patient, and is patient-focused, NOT insurance focused. As such, I have only one part-time employee and ask my patients to participate in their own care by self-scheduling appointments whenever possible. 

ESTABLISHED PATIENTS:  if you have self-scheduled before, please click box below to schedule an appointment.

*to cancel or reschedule an existing appointment, (please note you cannot alter an appointment that the Office scheduled FOR you, only one that YOU scheduled for yourself) click above to Log in,  then: 

(1) click on the tab with your name,

(2) click on "My Appointments,"

(3) Click "Edit" to change day or time, or click "Cancel" if you don't want to keep the appointment.

*  If at any time you find yourself lost in a screen and don't know what to do: go to the search box at the top of the Lattiss page labeled "Find" and enter "Dr. Michelle Wyatt."

* If you need a Same Day Appointment:  when there are no open time slots, please call. We can usually work you in even when the online scheduler shows no available times.


NEW PATIENTS:  we are currently closed to new patients, please check back after May 20. 


  •  Online scheduling program = Lattiss
  •  Electronic Health Record = Practice Fusion

When you receive emails from these services, you'll know it is an appointment reminder or invitation for the Patient Health Record (PHR) portal to view your chart, get secure messaging, or view lab results.  Your email will never be passed on for junk mail use.  All the email services from Practice Fusion are OPTIONAL.

If you have been seen as a patient here before but have not self scheduled, click box above to start.  You do not need to fill-in the "profile" or put in a credit card.